Local Dive Sites

House reef dives:

We have 5 great dives right outside the resort. The dives range from 15 up to 40 metres and comprise of: Max’s Climax 1 and 2 (wall dives); Voltaire’s Rock; Bulawarte and a wreck dive. All these dives have plenty of big fish action when current is moving. We’re also lucky enough to have pygmy seahorses, frogfish and hawksbill turtles. Diverse soft and hard corals abound including huge gorgonian fans and a massive number of developed whip corals.


Sunok is one of our more established dive sites but has become very popular with whale sharks between early November until May. Last season we had 100% success rate diving with the whale shark hopefully it will be the same this season. The whale shark follows plankton and jelly fish and for that reason we cannot promise they will be there all of the time!

To the North:

To the north of our resort (about 20 to 30 mins boat ride away) we have 4 great dive sites: Bunga Bend, Whip City, Cantamac and Malitbog wreck. These sites vary in depth from 15 to 35 metres and have diverse fish and coral life: nudibanches, ribbon eels, pigmy seahorses, ghost pipe fish and manta shrimp.

To the South:

To the south of the resort (about 10 to 30 mins boat ride) we have Medicare and Limasawa Island. Tankan and Santa Sofia has fantastic array of colourful soft corals and huge barrel corals. Mandarin Fish, turtles, eagle rays, batfish and frogfish are frequent visitors to thiese sites. The famous Limasawa Island is not only famous for Magellan’s visit but also for the incredible diving. Adrian’s Cove and Zack’s Cove dive sites are 20 to 50 metres deep and have dark eerie steep walls with gorgonian fans and massive table corals. We often see nudibranchs and occasionally the odd hammerhead!

To the East:

Directly across Sogod Bay from our resort lies Panoan Island and Napantao dive site. The dive is also a marine sanctuary with a large wall dropping to depths of 50 metres. Giant gorgonian fans are abundant on the wall. It is spectacular on a sunny day and looks absolutely majestic. When the current is ripping hard large pelagic fish are often seen here. This is one dive you must not miss while your visiting our resort!

Night Dives:

Padre Burgos jetty and Malibog wreck are our two first class night dives. Both dives are in shallow water. If you are a photographer or want to see something unusual come along on these dives. Seahorse, frogfish, nudibranch, reptilian eel, octopus, razor fish, slipper crabs are only just a few of the creatures you will see while diving at these sites.

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